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How to Dress a Baby for Sleep?
This can give you a guideline...but you know your baby best :)
How to Dress a Baby for Sleep?
schoolaged advice rant
I Don’t Like Comparing
Why can’t you be more like your sister?

I hated that sentence with every fiber of my being as a child. It was the worst, it felt like

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The 6 D’s for Dealing with Disrespectful Children
  • Don’t Attack
  • Don’t Belittle
  • Don’t Condemn
  • Discover the Cause of the Problem
  • Discuss a Solution
  • Discuss How to Handle it in Future Events
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I Love You, But
It’s hard to explain to children why they have to stop doing something and at the same time validate their feelings. We can say
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Cutting Nails During Night
Yes, I have to cut my toddler’s nail while she is sleeping. I finally got it. Until yesterday I was always cutting it while she was watching TV but she was constantly moving. Now I take my time and cut her nails nicely without sharp angles and worries about cutting her finger.
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What to Do When 1 Year Olds Start Hitting?
The best way to respond to hitting is to firmly (not roughly) hold onto her arm and say something like, “No hitting. Hitting hurts.”
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When to Stop Breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding till 6 months is about the sweet spot. But you alone should decide when to stop, no one has a right to question your choice.
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When Anger Gets the Better of You and You Shout at Your Kid
Be gentle on yourself. We are all human. We all lose our cool. We all (brace yourself) shout occasionally.
toddler rewards advice
Praise a child’s efforts, not the results of those efforts. We love our kids, but that can sometimes result in
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Not All Baby Blues Are Baby Blues and Not All Depression Manifests the Same Way
It can so easily slip by you, it’s not all about depression and sadness and worry... Beware if you feel intense and prolonged anxiety and rage. You could have a bad case of postpartum depression just like me.
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How to Soothe a Crying Baby?
You can try with white noise. You don’t need to buy anything because it is surprisingly easy to find white noise sources.
toddler anxiety fear advice
What If the World Ends Tomorrow?
Our little people can get just as anxious as us, so be on the lookout for frequent “what if” questions. They ask them because they
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You Have to Put Your Needs First - Most of the Time
I know, we all want to be 100% devoted to our children, they are our pride and joy. Yet you have to put your needs first anyway. Because as big and important part
toddler advice anger
Time to Take a Deep Breath or Two...
Oh, it’s so hard to keep a cool head when your kid is acting up for no (noticeable) reason. But we should all practice some self-awareness and pay attention to
toddler adhd preschooler advice
You Are Not a Bad Parent for Having a Kid with ADHD
Don’t blame yourself if your kid is diagnosed with ADHD, the way we parent children does not influence a diagnosis. It’s challenging enough to raise a kid with it, so don’t let others blame you either.
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Internal Baby Food-time Clock
Don’t feed your baby every time they cry, that could mess with the development of their hunger and appetite and consequently mess with your designated mealtimes.