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Moderation Is Key
I like to eat dessert and sweets in general, bad habits and all, so I had a hard time managing dessert expectation for my little boy, it was
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Banana - Oats Pancakes For Toddlers
Hey Mummys!
You have to make this pancakes for your little ones. They are SOOOOO delicious!

1 banana, 1 egg, 4 tablespoons of oats - mash all with hand blender and you will get a banana- oats batter.
Banana - Oats Pancakes For Toddlers
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Snacking Benefits for Toddlers
Toddler loves to snack and yes, snacks are a great way of making sure that they are getting enough nutritious food in their diet.
Snacking Benefits for Toddlers
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When to Stop Breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding till 6 months is about the sweet spot. But you alone should decide when to stop, no one has a right to question your choice.
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Go Easy On the Fast Food
It’s so convenient to get that happy meal or fry up some quick chicken nuggets when you are busy and overwhelmed with work, but if you want
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Internal Baby Food-time Clock
Don’t feed your baby every time they cry, that could mess with the development of their hunger and appetite and consequently mess with your designated mealtimes.
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What I Fear...
Every little cough has me paranoid and thinking my girl could be choking or gagging! But really, as long as you don’t allow them to eat when crawling, walking or distracted it should be okay.