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Constant Phone Interruptions Affect Toddlers

We use phones, iPads etc. as a part of our daily life. As a parent you might want to hold back a bit on that, because it affects

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Encourage Your Toddler to Play Independently
Don’t skimp out on giving your 1 year old solo play time! Not only will it encourage independence, self confidence, creativity and language skills, but it will give you about 15 minutes of respite as well.
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Does Your Toddler Have a Problem with Tooth-brushing?
Make it fun, sing songs and try to make tooth brushing a happy time.
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Potty Training - What to Avoid
Do not ask “Do you need to go on the potty”.
toddler learning playtime baby growth
Playtime Is Meant for Learning!
Playing is learning for children, it helps them develop their brains, stimulates their imagination and creativity. It is an essential step to
toddler learning baby electronics growth
Why I Avoid Screen Time
Each 30 minutes you let your toddler be exposed to screen time results in an almost 50% increased risk for delay of expressive speech!
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Parental Harmony
Good parenting involves both the mum’s and dad’s parenting styles, because they compliment each other. The dad will have
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Learn Colours!
Oh, I have a fun way in which I taught my kids how to differentiate colours. The ones I started off with four basic colours (red, blue, green and yellow) and
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A Tip That Will Help You Avoid an Accident When You Start with Night Time Potty Training
I suggest you cut back on evening drinks - especially if they’re still having a drink of milk before bed. It can be a good idea to have the last drink with tea, then just a sip of water later if they’re thirsty.
toddler learning baby electronics growth
Smartphones Are Not Nannies
Using smartphones as a replacement for toys can cause kids to fall behind in their language learning. As much as it’s nice to
toddler learning baby growth
Don’t Fret Slow Baby Milestones - It Might Be Just a Quirk of Personality
Remember, baby milestones are averages, don’t sweat them! The range is huge and while some babies start
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Pocket Money for Toddlers
“Mum buy me this toy, and buy me this chocolate too.” I had a constant battle with my children when shopping with them.
toddler learning baby growth
Raising a Bilingual Child? Don’t Worry About Speech Delays
The thing about speech delays is pretty much bogus anyway... What actually happens in bilingual children is