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DIY Cardboard Car
My daughter is at the age where it is impossible for her to sit still for more than a minute. So yesterday (on a rainy day) I decided to get crafty with her. We made a cardboard car which turned out to be perfect for pretend play and we had so much fun too.
DIY Cardboard Car
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Encourage Your Toddler to Play Independently
Don’t skimp out on giving your 1 year old solo play time! Not only will it encourage independence, self confidence, creativity and language skills, but it will give you about 15 minutes of respite as well.
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Playtime Is Meant for Learning!
Playing is learning for children, it helps them develop their brains, stimulates their imagination and creativity. It is an essential step to
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Learn Colours!
Oh, I have a fun way in which I taught my kids how to differentiate colours. The ones I started off with four basic colours (red, blue, green and yellow) and