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’Tis the Season for Colds
I made sure to stock up on vitamin C sources. Because there is less sunlight I also add some vitamin D into our daily lives now, otherwise in ...
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Sneaky “me” Time
Unfortunately, getting conventional “me” time is a thing of impossibility at home, hubby works very long hours, so I have to pick up our ...
toddler preschooler xmas holidays gifts
Almost Holiday Season Again...
As a parent, I literally cringe thinking how little is left until Christmas. The commotion of children from the whole family and the ...
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Buying Gifts for All the Children’s Birthdays Is a Nightmare
Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like every two weeks there is another birthday that my boy gets invited to and I end up having to buy ...
toddler preschooler schoolaged advice
The 6 D’s for Dealing with Disrespectful Children
Exactly this.
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Moderation Is Key
I like to eat dessert and sweets in general, bad habits and all, so I had a hard time managing dessert expectation for my little boy, it was ...
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I Love You, But
It’s hard to explain to children why they have to stop doing something and at the same time validate their feelings. We can say ...
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How Can My Kid Help?
It is good to get into habit of cleaning up after playtime. I have been teaching my 2 year old to pick up her toys before she goes to sleep, of course, I always help her and even make a game out of it by asking her “Do you see a doll? Where does it go?”

But what else can she do or what can I teach her I wondered. This chart actually helped me.
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When Anger Gets the Better of You and You Shout at Your Kid
Be gentle on yourself. We are all human. We all lose our cool. We all (brace yourself) shout occasionally. ...
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Parental Harmony
Good parenting involves both the mum’s and dad’s parenting styles, because they compliment each other. The dad will have ...
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A Travel Activity for Children
Long car ride with children around the age of 3 ahead? I might have just the saving grace for you, and you might enjoy it along too. I recently discovered that ...
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Fast Food = Bad for Brain Development TITLE
It’s so easy to get that happy meal or fry up some quick chicken nuggets when you are busy and overwhelmed with work, but if you want your kid to do better in school later on you should ...
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You Are Not a Bad Parent for Having a Kid with ADHD
Don’t blame yourself if your kid is diagnosed with ADHD, the way we parent children does not influence a diagnosis. It’s challenging enough to raise a kid with it, so don’t let others blame you either. ...
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Does Your Child Deserve Comforting After Bad Behaviour? 🤔
Love is not a reward. So don’t use denial of comfort as punishment. It’s when children are ...