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Parental Harmony
Good parenting involves both the mum’s and dad’s parenting styles, because they compliment each other. The dad will have
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Don’t Be Anxious
When your teen first feels the grip of anxiety, they will not know what it is and why it is happening. Educate them about
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Don’t Lecture, Have Conversations
It’s hard to keep in mind that a lecture will not be productive with a teenager. If you want to make a difference, treat it like a
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I’m Angry, I’m Annoyed, I’m Livid
Disrespect. We tend to hinge so much on that when our kids start arguing with us at every step. It stresses us out, it makes us feel like our children are trying to overthrow our power
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Teens & Alcohol
You won’t get anywhere forbidding your teens to drink alcohol. They have a tendency to be sneaky and take advantage of things if they really want to do it.