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How to Dress a Baby for Sleep?
This can give you a guideline...but you know your baby best :)
How to Dress a Baby for Sleep?
toddler funfact
Why Toddlers Can’t Jump
I heard today that toddlers can’t jump until they form knee caps, I never really thought about this before 🤔
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It’s Daycare Time
Separating from a baby to go back to work is stressful. Don’t make it harder on yourself and them than is needed. Your baby can pick up on your emotions and will mirror them. If you’re feeling
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How Can My Kid Help?
It is good to get into habit of cleaning up after playtime. I have been teaching my 2 year old to pick up her toys before she goes to sleep, of course, I always help her and even make a game out of it by asking her “Do you see a doll? Where does it go?”

But what else can she do or what can I teach her I wondered. This chart actually helped me.
How Can My Kid Help?
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Potty Training - What to Avoid
Do not ask “Do you need to go on the potty”.
toddler daycare baby advice
Pre-daycare Preparations
So before you start with daycare, take your time to check it out as a family and get to know the environment. If it is possible for you, it’s best to make a gradual, slow transition
toddler pottytraining learning
A Tip That Will Help You Avoid an Accident When You Start with Night Time Potty Training
I suggest you cut back on evening drinks - especially if they’re still having a drink of milk before bed. It can be a good idea to have the last drink with tea, then just a sip of water later if they’re thirsty.
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Does Your Child Deserve Comforting After Bad Behaviour? 🤔
Love is not a reward. So don’t use denial of comfort as punishment. It’s when children are