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Cutting Nails During Night
Yes, I have to cut my toddler’s nail while she is sleeping. I finally got it. Until yesterday I was always cutting it while she was watching TV but she was constantly moving. Now I take my time and cut her nails nicely without sharp angles and worries about cutting her finger.
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Constant Phone Interruptions Affect Toddlers

We use phones, iPads etc. as a part of our daily life. As a parent you might want to hold back a bit on that, because it affects

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Snacking Benefits for Toddlers
Toddler loves to snack and yes, snacks are a great way of making sure that they are getting enough nutritious food in their diet.
Snacking Benefits for Toddlers
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Encourage Your Toddler to Play Independently
Don’t skimp out on giving your 1 year old solo play time! Not only will it encourage independence, self confidence, creativity and language skills, but it will give you about 15 minutes of respite as well.
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What to Do When 1 Year Olds Start Hitting?
The best way to respond to hitting is to firmly (not roughly) hold onto her arm and say something like, “No hitting. Hitting hurts.”
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When to Stop Breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding till 6 months is about the sweet spot. But you alone should decide when to stop, no one has a right to question your choice.
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Not All Baby Blues Are Baby Blues and Not All Depression Manifests the Same Way
It can so easily slip by you, it’s not all about depression and sadness and worry... Beware if you feel intense and prolonged anxiety and rage. You could have a bad case of postpartum depression just like me.
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How to Soothe a Crying Baby?
You can try with white noise. You don’t need to buy anything because it is surprisingly easy to find white noise sources.
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Playtime Is Meant for Learning!
Playing is learning for children, it helps them develop their brains, stimulates their imagination and creativity. It is an essential step to
toddler learning baby electronics growth
Why I Avoid Screen Time
Each 30 minutes you let your toddler be exposed to screen time results in an almost 50% increased risk for delay of expressive speech!
toddler learning baby electronics growth
Smartphones Are Not Nannies
Using smartphones as a replacement for toys can cause kids to fall behind in their language learning. As much as it’s nice to
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Go Easy On the Fast Food
It’s so convenient to get that happy meal or fry up some quick chicken nuggets when you are busy and overwhelmed with work, but if you want
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You Are Not a Bad Parent for Having a Kid with ADHD
Don’t blame yourself if your kid is diagnosed with ADHD, the way we parent children does not influence a diagnosis. It’s challenging enough to raise a kid with it, so don’t let others blame you either.
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Don’t Fret Slow Baby Milestones - It Might Be Just a Quirk of Personality
Remember, baby milestones are averages, don’t sweat them! The range is huge and while some babies start
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Internal Baby Food-time Clock
Don’t feed your baby every time they cry, that could mess with the development of their hunger and appetite and consequently mess with your designated mealtimes.
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Growing Little Baby Teeth
Teething is not fun for babies. The pain causes them to eat less so a few chilled fruits and ice lollies may be more suitable while teething.