Mommy to a pre-schooler & former unenthusiastic nanny to an 11-year younger brother.
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I Don’t Like Comparing
Why can’t you be more like your sister?

I hated that sentence with every fiber of my being as a child. It was the worst, it felt like

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’Tis the Season for Colds
I made sure to stock up on vitamin C sources. Because there is less sunlight I also add some vitamin D into our daily lives now, otherwise in
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Moderation Is Key
I like to eat dessert and sweets in general, bad habits and all, so I had a hard time managing dessert expectation for my little boy, it was
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I Love You, But
It’s hard to explain to children why they have to stop doing something and at the same time validate their feelings. We can say
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Why Comfort a Crying Baby Every Time They Cry?
Don’t ignore a crying child, they don’t know how to articulate or control their feelings. You wouldn’t tell a person you care about that their feelings don’t matter, so why would you do that to your child?
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Childproofing - Everything!
Comprehensive info-graphic for those of us with tiny adventurers.
Childproofing - Everything!
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Praise a child’s efforts, not the results of those efforts. We love our kids, but that can sometimes result in
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You Have to Put Your Needs First - Most of the Time
I know, we all want to be 100% devoted to our children, they are our pride and joy. Yet you have to put your needs first anyway. Because as big and important part
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Learn Colours!
Oh, I have a fun way in which I taught my kids how to differentiate colours. The ones I started off with four basic colours (red, blue, green and yellow) and
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A Travel Activity for Children
Long car ride with children around the age of 3 ahead? I might have just the saving grace for you, and you might enjoy it along too. I recently discovered that
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Pocket Money for Toddlers
“Mum buy me this toy, and buy me this chocolate too.” I had a constant battle with my children when shopping with them.
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Raising a Bilingual Child? Don’t Worry About Speech Delays
The thing about speech delays is pretty much bogus anyway... What actually happens in bilingual children is
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What I Fear...
Every little cough has me paranoid and thinking my girl could be choking or gagging! But really, as long as you don’t allow them to eat when crawling, walking or distracted it should be okay.
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Not Just a Leftie or Rightie
You know that babies can grow up being ambidextrous, right? You can teach them to use both hands. That can help them big time if
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Don’t Lecture, Have Conversations
It’s hard to keep in mind that a lecture will not be productive with a teenager. If you want to make a difference, treat it like a
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I’m Angry, I’m Annoyed, I’m Livid
Disrespect. We tend to hinge so much on that when our kids start arguing with us at every step. It stresses us out, it makes us feel like our children are trying to overthrow our power