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Constant Phone Interruptions Affect Toddlers
We use phones, iPads etc. as a part of our daily life. As a parent you might want to hold back a bit on that, because it affects language learning in your baby.

Imagine being a little kid and your mommy keeps shifting her attention from you, breaking eye contact and her emotions change without a noticeable reason? To a little child that cannot “hear” or “see” the other party in the mum’s convo that makes no sense. They instead reset their attention completely.

I know it’s unavoidable to use your phone for social or business interaction, but for your child you should avoid using it during playtime and dedicate the time to only the two of you.
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Michele Hopkins I wonder, why does this only work with electronic media and not other kind of interruptions?
Jennacide87 Might have to do with the implied “invisible stranger”, but I would like to know more about how other interruptions affect toddlers too.
Rebecca Lawrence That’s awful!!!
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Theresa Garrett My baby gets 100% of my attention during playtime… but I did not know this was that important, they have kinda short attention spans?
Nina89 I think it’s because of the short attention span…
Clara Dixon So heartbreaking :(
Lena Jenkins Mom’s should be more responsible than this towards their children.
Sara Taylor What can I do to prevent this when I need to take/make a call?
Minnie Holland I don’t think my child has been affected by mere phone calls...
MumWithPants What’s the source??
Stephanie Thompson It’s from a research mentioned here