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My daughter is at the age where it is impossible for her to sit still for more than a minute. So yesterday (on a rainy day) I decided to get crafty with her. We made a cardboard car which turned out to be perfect for pretend play and we had so much fun too.

What you need:
- a cardboard box in the right size (I used one from a grocery store)
- 5 cardboard circles (4 for the tires and 1 for the steering wheel)
- Glue
- Paper towel roll (for the steering column)
- Any kid’s stickers

This car was really simple to make. The wheels I made by cutting a circles out of cardboard and glued to the side of the box. I let my daughter draw on the wheels and used some stickers to decorate them. The steering column is a paper towel roll. I glued roll on the cupboard circle (I cut before) for the steering wheel. For lights, I cut some cardboard in rectangular shape and glued them on the front of the car. My daughter decorated the outside of the car by using some more stickers.
DIY Cardboard Car

Comments (2)

Brandyce Barnes My boy would probably have tried to pull apart every part of it as I would be gluing it together haha
Sara Taylor Sooo nice! Where did you get the idea for it? I know what to do with some of our old cardboard's on our next rainy weekend :)))