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Make it fun, sing songs and try to make tooth brushing a happy time.Give her a second tooth brush to hold and use the other to brush her teeth. This can distract enough to quickly get it done. Or try a rechargeable electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush can usually do a better job than a manual one, when you have really limited time in there to brush it properly. There is a lot of choices, but it was the counting that made the difference for us. So, try all the techniques and more and never give up.

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Queenoftheworld Mine is scared of electric toothbrushes… Not even sure why or how but she shrinks away every time someone uses it.
Hailey Ruiz I guess my lack of enthusiasm (read terror) of dentists visits spurred my sons on to race who will brush their teeth first every morning and evening!
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Monica Coleman Thanks for the tip! I’ll try an additional brush to play with… maybe it will help or at least distract her enough that we manage.