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Toddler loves to snack and yes, snacks are a great way of making sure that they are getting enough nutritious food in their diet. I give my toddler whole grains, fruits, vegetables, protein, low-fat or dairy alternatives, and healthy fats. But I noticed that portion control and timing is really important too. If I allow her to graze on snacks all afternoon she will definitely not be hungry enough for dinner!
Snacking Benefits for Toddlers

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Jennifer J. Is there any good method to convince my child to eat more veggies? He adamantly refuses whatever we offer him… and rather won’t eat at all :(
MintyChapstick Did you try any of the sweeter veggies? Like baby carrots or sweet peas, that could help.
Hi_Its_Peggy What I like to do is to prepare fresh cut up veggies (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers) and fruits (apples, bananas, peaches) and we always have them along wherever we go, they are fresh for hours in good containers!
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Ashley-baby Oh god yes… mine eats more than me, how is that even possible? Sometimes I worry that she eats too much… but her doctor said it was okay.
Allison Parker My 2-year old is very peckish just before bed, even though she gets plenty of snacks through the day. Is there anything that I can give her and is not heavy on her tummy? Or should I just have her go to bed hungry?
Lilyindisguise Seriously, before I had my first baby I never really knew how much they could eat.
Judy Vargas 10 portions?? I would hope those are small portions… My toddler doesn’t eat anywhere close to that.
Thomas Richardson Are there any good ways to spark a 3 year old’s appetite?